>..Miss You All..<


Who miss friends right now….Put Your Hands up!!

I wrote because I miss my old friends in High school a lot. I would like to let them know that I miss, so I up load it on Facebook. In that time, I can not have the good relationship with the new friends, so I wrote it for friend. The good friends are the good memory and good impression for everybody. I think that this picture can make other person miss the friend like me.

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::The Sweet Moment in the Past…~~

With Friend & Family

่This pic is the fingers of me and friends when we were the students in high school. I really love this pic of us which can make me do miss them a lot.

It is the last dinner that one of a friend in the group in UBU that she back to visited us.  Now, she is in BKK in the new university. I wish she will have a good time with new friends and new place. Not along time from today, she will back to meet I and friends a gain. I can not wait it!!  ^___^

This is a big cake in Mom’s Day and Birth Day in my family. It is a time that we will joyed the big dinner and talk with each other. Moreover, it really makes my grand mother happy when she saw many people in her house. I love it!!!

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2PM + Fan Meeting in BKK !!

2PM are famous boy band of Korea that I really love them. I and my lovely friend (Taew noi)  prepare for concert that they live in BKK around three months. ^^

I’m so impressed it because I met the people who I love and travel with my friend. If did not have her, I can not go there. Moreover, she become my photographer. Wow!!!  I like it. ^^

I and Taewnoi enjoyed the concert and fan meeting that it’s the dream come true…..   😀

 Look at my ball face that it express the happiness felling ……^__^

Used along time for travelling from Ubonratchathani to BKK to get a long memory and impression.

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My Lovely Dog ^_^


My dog name is Pompom. She is very lovely dog for our family because she has many cute behaviors. Pompom has the story which is funny for our family when we notice it but it is not for other.

  • She do not like people who drunk and come to meet my father at home. It is the reason that will angry and she bark so loud to beat back that people from our house.
  •  She will bit people who wear short pants and do not take a bath. For example, she bit my uncle who wear only boxer and come to face my father like other. I can not explain you whatever I saw after my Pompom bit his boxer. 5555 +++ That is so funny because he not get any pain accept shaming. In contrast, she really love people who are good looking that she will sleep under the table and do not do anything and look at them in the short time.




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Emerald Buddha Temple > Wat Phra Kaew <

It is located in Bangkok, Thailand that is very beautiful temple and Thai people proud to present to themselves and other people .

 > Wat Phra Kaew < 

It become my impression because I heard many people said that it’s very beautiful and tired to walk around all. That is only information which I have when I was young and I told my self that I would like to go there one day. Then, I have I Trip at Bangkok with my friends all our major that is so impression for me. We walk around the temple and take many photos. Moreover, we have a good relationship with the friends at the same major closely. I never forget this place because it’s full of beauty and happiness.

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The Uncle from Rattanaburi, Surin province.

The Uncle from Rattanaburi, Surin province.

The cool old man. His mane is Saman who still keep the old occupation that it is travelling around Thailand to dyeing to the customers at home.

The uncle told that he support his 2 sons who studying at Mahasarakram University. When they have to spend a lot of money in their education, he will go to the south of Thailand because ti has good income more than any places. He go everywhere by own bicycle. Moreover, he will come back to the same places every 2 years. It mean that he never stay at home more than one month accept when it is the farming season.

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Picture & Story of Impression

็Hello! people.  Everything in this world can be the impressed because it is depend on the feeling  of each person such as sadness, happiness and so no. Now, I will present you guys with the Picture & Story of Impression in my viewpoint.

In our life has many happiness around us. Sometimes, we easy to see it  by eyes but sometimes we can feel it by heart. lets to touch everything around yourself and keep it in your memories that it will be your own impressed.
>>Credit picture by http://www.siamsouth.com

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